5 Motorbike Safety Tips for Beginners

Motorcycle safety tips are important for riders, especially those that have just started riding. According to the Fatalities Analysis Reporting System (FARS) of the U.S Department of Transportation, more than 5000 motorcycle riders died from accidents in the past year. This is the reason why riders always need to ensure they have every safety measure in place before embarking on any ride.

As a rider, you have only got one life, and you need to do everything within your power to ensure your safety. There are different motorcycle helmets, ankle and elbow protection gears, protective goggles, and other protective gears you need for your safety while riding your motorbike.

This article shall look into 5 motorbike safety tips that will help keep you safe as a beginner.  

Motorcycle Safety Tips

Here are 5 essential beginner motorcycle tips to keep you safe on the road.

1.    Always ensure you wear protective clothing and gear.

As a beginner, one of the essential safety tips is to wear protective clothing and gear. Wearing a motorcycle helmet will help protect your head from injuries if there happens to be an accident. Without wearing motorcycle helmets, the risk of suffering a head injury will be increased by 5×. Not only helmets, but you also need other protective gear like gloves to help protect your hands and prevent pebbles from hurting your knuckles in case of a fall. 

Other things like leather clothes and boots that have nonskid soles are also very essential while riding. There are some best beginner motorcycle helmets you can buy for your protection. 

2.    Be defensive in your driving.

As a beginner, one of the most important motorcycle safety tips is to be a defensive driver. Being offensive in your driving is a recipe for disaster. According to the standard Safe Practices for Motor Vehicle Operations, defensive driving means driving in a manner that saves and protects lives irrespective of the actions of other drivers and the conditions around you. 

As a beginner, you have to understand that there are people who don't drive with safety in mind. You have to be on the lookout for such behaviors and avoid them on the road. There is a phenomenon known as "road rage," and it is real. It can make a simple road trip a disaster; therefore, you need to always be careful and be a defensive driver. When behind another vehicle or motorbike, you should give them a good following distance. This gives you ample time to react if they make any unexpected turn that could lead to an accident. Giving other vehicles and drivers a good distance will help keep you safe while riding your motorcycle. 

There are times you can be the only motorcycle rider on the road with other larger and heavier vehicles. 

3.    Always stay out of people's blind spots.

This is one of the beginner motorcycle tips that most riders take for granted while riding on the road. It is essential for you to always stay visible to other drivers while on the road. Cars are large enough to be noticed, but motorcycles can appear invisible in certain situations. You have to ensure you respect the space of other road users and always be conscious of potential dangers. 

If you are driving at night, ensure that your lights are functioning as well as your horns to help announce your presence. 

4.    Always ensure your motorbike is in good shape. 

Before you enter the road with your motorcycle, it is vital to your safety that you check to ascertain the working conditions of your motorbike. Imagine riding your bike without knowing that the brakes are bad. This has killed a number of riders, and it can be prevented. Check to know that all the bolts and screws are in place and everything is in perfect shape. 

As a beginner, the joy of riding often makes some people forget to check on the condition of their motorbike. All they want is to hit the road and ride to their satisfaction. Yeah, riding is great, but you have to be alive to do it the next day and the day after that. Therefore, take your safety seriously by always checking to ensure that your motorcycle is in great shape. 

5.    Always put the weather into consideration.

Another one of the top motorcycle safety tips for beginners is to always be aware of the weather. No matter how enthusiastic you are about going out with your bike, if the weather doesn't look great, it will be best for you to hold off until the weather clears. Having water on the road during rainfall can make the road slippery and dangerous to ride on. 

Whenever you plan to ride, always try to see the weather forecast for that day and how the route will look like. This is important, especially when you are a beginner and still not an expert rider. 

Other Key Things You Should Note

Long-distance rides can take their toll on you, especially when you are not used to such types of rides. So you should always take a good rest after every ride to refresh yourself. If you are riding and start feeling dizzy or tired, find a cool place to park your motorcycle and take a good nap of at least 15 minutes before continuing on the ride. Take brakes and always ensure you stay hydrated at all times. 

Although you cannot practically handle all dangerous situations while you are on the road, you can take good measures to have a safe motorbike riding experience. The key thing is to ensure you are prepared for the ride and know what to do in dangerous situations. All the motorcycle safety tips we have highlighted in this article will help keep you safe while enjoying your ride. Always, it would be best if you stuck with the motorbikes that are within your riding ability. You can ride to work on weekends or race on a closed track. For a beginner, you shouldn't engage in big tours. 

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