About Us


The company's vision is to provide innovative high quality products to motorcycle riders & Bikers  Helmets, Clothing, motorcycle products. We have searched the world looking for innovative quality products that work and offer value for money.Our company believes in delivering the best service on the Internet ,we want to save you valuable time by only providing products that meet our high standards. We are committed great service and reliability .

Motorcycling Being a Rider a Biker It’s not easy to explain the passion you feel, for some people is their hobby, for others it’s an obsession, a vice, for many others it’s a way of life. Everyone as his own way to explain, to feel, for me it’s life and passion; on two wheels, and it’s called Motorcycles. 

Keith McClure aka Fat Albert, is founder of CLuEiER.com & Farkew.Net. and Now BikerLid.com Albert as he like to be known started first riding on vespers and lambretta’s at the age of 9 and then  the trial bikes. Today we enjoy those Sunday rides, those hearty breakfasts. that we can’t stop doing it we love to ride, it allows us to go further and further, more miles, more turns, more landscapes, more cultures.

From 2010 we got together for this adventure called Far Kew Clothing And Helmet Company, the online shop for bikers. What moves us it’s you, the motorcycle riders. All we want to offer is what you can need to enjoy your passion as we do. From Rider to Rider it’s our way to help the everyday Motorcyclist. We work every day to improve our site, our customer service, Providing you the best experience, supplying you quality & great product knowledge
THOUSANDS of clients trust us.

Since the beginning of CLuEiER &  Biker Lid every weekend we go where The Riders go up the Mountain it all started back in 2010 with imagination, It’s the moment to shut off the computer and  get the bike ready to ride and on Sunday just like on any Sunday we are right to ride and spend a good time with our friends with some good music and few beers.  In the wind warm or cold.

If you want a free sticker drop me a line at support@bikerlid.com 


Albert 🏍