5 Tips For Buying A Motorcycle

Do you plan on buying a motorcycle for the first time? If your answer is yes, then this post on tips for buying a motorcycle is for you. Purchasing a motorbike for the first time comes with an experience you will always remember. You may have purchased your first bike but made some mistakes in the process. This post will be your guide to avoid such errors.

These 5 tips for choosing a motorcycle will help you select the right motorcycle right for your lifestyle. It will help make your first motorcycle memorable for all the right reasons. Now, let's explore these "buying motorcycle tips" and how you can enjoy value for your money. You wouldn't want to buy a motorbike that will make your life uncomfortable every time your ride.

Know the various types of motorbikes and choose the one that suits your lifestyle.

There are different types of motorcycles out there, and every one of them is suitable for a specific kind of rider. We understand that not all bikes fit entirely into one style or another. However, you should have a general idea of the type of motorbike you want before hitting the market. Here are some motorbike specifications for you:

  • Sports Bikes

If you are the kind of person that loves speed, then a sports bike is your pick. The bikes are light and ultra-fast, built for power and handling on the track. As a new rider, you might find it challenging to ride this bike's more powerful models. 

  • Café Racer

These bikes are light, small, and fast. They are designed after the mid-20th century European motorcycles. The superior handling makes them ideal for short rides at high speed. Their classic and minimal styling design has made them a hit for young riders. 

  • Cruiser Bikes

These cruiser bikes are heavier, larger, and designed for long-haul comfort over speed. They are the iconic "chopper" style motorbikes. If you prefer long-haul comfort over speed, then the cruiser is the perfect option. 

  • Naked Bikes

It is in-between the sports bikes and cruisers. They provide an upright riding style for new riders. The style has recently experienced a surge in popularity. 

  • Touring Motorcycles

If you are the type that enjoys "living" on the open road, touring bikes are your perfect match. The motorcycle is arguably among the heaviest and largest that you can find in the market. Although it can give you a smooth ride, it is potentially severe for new riders. 

  • The off-road bikes

They are also known as dirt bikes, and they are built with tall suspensions and knobby tires for riding on dirt, gravel, and even mud. These bikes are not designed for road-riding, and they are towed to their destination on a trailer. So, if off-road riding is your thing, you already know what to go for.

One of the best tips for buying a motorcycle is to go for the one that feels great under you and matches your lifestyle.

What is your budget?

Your budget will be the determining factor for the type of motorcycle you want to buy. Depending on your budget, you can pay between $5000 to $25000 for a new bike. Most of the motorcycle dealers will do their best to provide you with financing options. Some of these dealers also provide you with used bikes if that's what your budget can cover. 

Ensure the paperwork is in order

When it comes to buying motorcycle tips, the paperwork is essential. This is more important when you are purchasing a used motorbike. You need to do due diligence on your paperwork. Ensure the seller gives you the "title" and that the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) matches the title. You need to write a bill of sale and make sure that both you and the seller sign it. 

We advise that you use your state's DMV website or another VIN search engine to verify the motorcycle. The verification is to ensure there are no liens against the motorcycle and that the title is legit. Whenever you meet a seller who is evasive on the bike's history, be safe and move on.

Insurance is non-negotiable

When talking about how to choose a motorbike, we must include insurance coverage in our tips. It is a prerequisite for your new bike before you take it on the road for a ride. You can get an insurance policy through the same company that insures your primary vehicle is you have one. 

Motorbike insurance includes liability insurance for bodily injury and property damage. You may consider adding collision insurance that will help repair or replace your bike. Uninsured motorist insurance can also come in handy to protect you against riders or drivers without sufficient insurance policy. Having an insurance policy is one of the top buying motorcycle tips for riders. 

Don't skip your motorcycle gear

One of the essential tips for choosing a motorcycle is to have the complimentary gear to ride safely. The fact that you trust this gear with your life means you need to buy it where you can try them on. There are essential gears like DOT-approved motorcycle helmet, riding goggles, boots, hand gloves, etc. Bikerlids offers you premium motorcycle helmets for maximum comfort and protection. You should not play with your motorcycle gears because they can make all the difference if there is an accident. 


Buying a motorcycle can be intimidating, especially when you are buying one for the first time. That is the reason we have provided you with the above tips for choosing a motorcycle. It will guide you in making the right decisions concerning the bike you will be riding. Don't buy a bike because your friend or neighbour rides the same bike. Your personal experience and comfort come first. Therefore, you have to go for a bike that suits your lifestyle and is within your budget. If you are a rider, you can share your experience, and personal tips in the comment section provided below. 

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