All The Essential Gear For Beginner Motorcycle Riders

As a beginner, riding a motorbike can be a little complicated, but this post provides you with the essential motorbike gear for beginner motorcycle riders. Having great motorbike gear keeps you from getting hurt and also makes you a lot more comfortable when riding. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), riding a motorbike is 33 times more dangerous than driving a car. This is the more reason why you need the best motorcycle apparel to keep you safe and comfortable. 

There is a funny saying in motorcycle culture that there are two types of riders: the riders who have crashed and those who haven't crashed yet. As a beginner, you shouldn't let this scare you. With the proper motorcycle gear, you can enjoy having an amazing ride while keeping safe. Now let's go further to explore the essential motorbike gear every beginner motorcycle rider must-have.

Top Motorbike Gear for Beginner Motorcycle Riders

Your Helmet

Depending on where you live, a helmet might be required by law. However, irrespective of the law's position, a helmet is indispensable if you want to keep it safe while riding. If you are ever in an accident, a helmet will most likely be the thing to keep you alive. Not every helmet is of good quality; hence you need to be careful when choosing your helmet. Bikerlid has a good collection of quality and comfortable helmet. 

Some helmets come with wireless connectivity so that you can enjoy your favorite song while on your ride. The cool factor of a helmet is another great benefit you stand to enjoy aside from the protection it provides. A helmet is arguably the most important piece of motorcycle apparel that you can invest in. 


Another essential motorbike gear for beginner motorcycle riders is a jacket. The jacket's essential job is to protect you from impacts and abrasion in case of an accident. Good jackets have armor and abrasion-resistant materials well-placed in strategic locations. When going for a jacket, you should consider the level of protection it offers, the style, and the price. It should have armor at the shoulders and elbows. There are lots of different materials for making motorcycle gear. Don't even bother trying to pick the "perfect" jacket because chances are you will own more than one. 

I enjoy my first jacket made from ballistic mesh, especially in the summer. My perforated leather jacket serves me in the spring and fall. For the winter riding months, my full leather jacket comes in handy. The truth is that no single jacket has it all, but you can start by owning one at a time. Riding a lot makes you more cold than too hot. Therefore, a jacket is an indispensable piece of kit for every biker. 

Over The Ankle Motorbike Boots

One of the essential motorcycle apparel for beginner motorcycle riders is motorcycle boots. Aside from the fact that these boots look great, they also provide you with traction and protect the bones in your bones in the case of a crash. There have been those wearing tennis shows and got involved in an accident. It's always a horror site when you take a look at the feet of such people. 

Well, I don't know about you, but I have no intention of exposing my little toes to 60mph pavement. When it comes to motorcycle footwear, the major rule is to ensure they are sturdy and gives you over the ankle protection. Always go for a full motorcycle boot for your protection. 

Quality Gloves 

A good pair of gloves is always exhilarating when riding your bike—aside from giving your quality hand protection, especially during a crash because your hands usually come in contact with the ground. These motorcycle gloves are flexible, comfortable, and are reinforced where it matters. When you understand that your hands are often the first thing to hit the ground if you fall, it becomes more imperative to have gloves. 

When buying motorcycle gloves, always pay attention to the protections or reinforcements on the palm and the knuckles. Ensure that the glove has a waterproof membrane because dry hands are important for your safety. Having dry hands ensures you don't lose feel or strength. Waterproof membranes like Gore-Tex, D-Dry, Drystar, H2Out, etc., are great, especially if you will be riding in autumn or winter. 

Motorcycle Pants

Motorcycle pants are must-have motorbike apparel for beginner motorcycle riders. They often come with stiff interior protection on the knees and padding on the hip. Some of them also come with a waterproof membrane and a removable thermal lining. You get all in one motorcycle pants with abrasion protection, urban aesthetics, and convenience. 


Motorcycle body Armor protects you from impacts that would ordinarily be transferred to your body during a crash. Whether bought it separately or included in an item of riding gear, the primary goal remains the same. You want it to fit in so that it won't move in the case of an accident or cash perfectly. It should also be comfortable and not restrict your movement while riding. 

If your jacket has a pocket that can accommodate the Armor, you can upgrade it. You can make an upgrade to the back protector. If the Armor in your jacket is floppy foam, you can upgrade it to a better one, or you can go for that fits you independently of the jacket. 

Eye Protection Gear 

If your helmet doesn't have face protection, you must have eye protection gear. It protects your eyes from objects in case of a crash. While riding, the wind mind is an issue for your eyes, and having glasses for your eyes ensures you always have a clear view of the road while you ride.


We hope that you find this post on essential motorbike gear for beginner riders very helpful. Always remember that your safety is the number one priority while riding. Therefore, these gears will do a great job of ensuring your safety while riding.

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