Beanie Helmets: Everything You Need To Know

What are Motorcycle Beanie Helmets? 

The manufacturers of Beanie Helmet have been known to employ superior materials and advanced manufacturing procedures. have developed the world’s lightest, smallest and absolute perfect Beanie helmet. 

Therefore, you can now let go of the discomfort of other helmets that employ too much padding and thick shells. These small Beanie motorcycle helmets give you a perfect fit, and you don’t have to wear other “mushroom” helmets. 

Truth is there are lots of helmets out there. Whether you love the full face, 3⁄4, or our favourite, the Beanie, every manufacturer thinks their product is the best. We all know that with Beanie, your helmet feels like a part of your head without any discomfort.

If you want a small helmet that gives you complete satisfaction and feeling of protection during your ride, Beanie motorcycle helmets are the perfect fit. Although anyone can place a sticker on a novelty helmet, most of us are critical about our safety gear. Over the years, companies have been struggling to get the light beanie helmet for riders. By the time these companies gets beanie motorcycle helmets strong enough, they are heavy and too big. 

Biker Lid created a DOT approved Beanie helmet that weighs less than a pound, hence giving you the perfect look and protection.

General Characteristics of Beanie Helmet 

Although there are several Beanie motorcycle helmets, these characteristics cut 

across all models of Beanie. 

  • Most beanie motorcycle helmets now have quick-release straps. 
  • They are the smallest DOT shell size ever made. 
  • Ultra low profile 
  • Biker Lid products meet or exceed the DOT FMVSS No.218 standards. 
  • Beanie sits low on your head and ensures you never have a “mushroom” head again. 
  • These helmets are made of composite material. 
  • Use only water to clean Beanie motorcycle helmets. 

Why You Should Choose Beanie Helmet 

If you are still in doubt of the quality of beanie motorcycle helmets, here are reasons to douse your fears. 

  • Beanie helmets are durable 

The light and retro style half-face motorcycle helmet comes with an upgraded ABS shell and EPS liner that ensures your safety while riding your motorbike. If you desire durability and safety, Beanie gives you the very best combination of both features. 

  • It is DOT FMVSS.218 Certified 

This helmet has been tested and certified by DOT because it meets all the necessary safety standards. It ensures you have both safety and quality in one. 

  • It is not heavy and ensures you are comfortable

The manufacturers were careful enough to enough; the helmet is lightweight and comfortable for riders. You wouldn’t want to be on the wheels, and you are struggling with your helmet. For your comfort, while riding your motorbike, always go for the beanie motorcycle helmets. 

  • It comes with a quick-release chin strap

The chin strap is designed to allow for easy getting on and off. It also ensures that the helmet is held securely on your head. The smallest beanie helmet fits head circumference from 221/4 inches to 243/4 inches (57cm to 63cm). The helmet weighs approximately 600g. 

Our Favourite Beanie Helmets

Here are some of the leading Beanie helmets that you can trust for your safety and comfort while riding. Note that this list is in no particular order. 

1. The BeanieTM Helmet 

This is a low profile motorcycle helmet that is approved by the Department of Transportation (DOT). You won’t have to worry about mushroom head anymore because this helmet is designed to sit low on your head. Its upgraded ABS shell and EPS liner protects your head while riding your Harley-Davidson, Scooter, or whichever motorbike you ride. The BeanieTM fits perfectly on head a circumference that lies between 57cm to 63cm. 

2. The SOA-Inspired Beanie Motorcycle Helmet 

The SOA gets its name from “Sons of Anarchy,” a popular American drama series. It is light and form-fitting that you will barely feel anything on your head. Although this helmet doesn’t draw attention, it commands appreciation from users. It is made of ABS; hence it is very flexible, strong, and long-lasting. It will interest you to know that ABS is stronger than sheet metal. It protects your head during an accident. 

3. THH T-69 Beanie Helmet 

The THH Helmets brand makes this particular Beanie motorcycle helmet. It weighs approximately 3 pounds and sits high on your head. The helmet is certified by the United States Department of Transportation (DOT); therefore, its safety assurance is not in doubt. This model comes with an integrated visor that is attached to it, to protect your eyes from sun and dust. The shell of the helmet is made of a thermoplastic, and everyone can use it. Its major downside is that it dents easily, but does a great job shielding your skull. 

4. The Bullet Novelty Helmet 

This model is another product. The helmet weighs around 3 pounds, fits well on your head. Its extra cushioning feature ensures your skull is comfortable while you enjoy your ride with your motorbike. Although its glossy finish attracts attention, the helmet is not very flashy. This particular brand is most suitable for kids to ride on their bicycles. It does not meet the DOT standards. It called a novelty helmet because it doesn’t meet the required standards to be on the highway. 

5. World’s Smallest Helmet 

This is a minimalist helmet, and it keeps an extra low profile. It is DOT certified, and you can wear it in any states in the US. However, its very comfortable and light. It is made from composite material, hence the reason it is durable and flexible. This is one of the best-sellers among the Beanie motorcycle helmets, but like most Beanies, it doesn’t protect the face. Due to its lightweight, it will not put any stress on your neck area or other areas of your head. 

6. The Polo Helmet 

This Beanie helmet has a peak and sits low on your head and will not blow back in the wind when you are riding your motorbike. It comes with an EPS liner and meets all the DOT standards. Irrespective of the size of your head, the polo helmet comes in varieties of sizes such as S, M, XL, and XXL. It also comes with a quick release helmet chin strap clip that makes it easy to wear and remove without stress. 


A beanie helmet from Biker Lid gives you the best comfort and protection that you desire while cruising on your motorbike. You don’t have to bear the burden of heavy helmets anymore. With these Beanie motorcycle helmets, you can always enjoy your ride. For contributions and questions, kindly make use of the comment box provided below. 

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