Best Motorcycle Routes Across America: Epic Adventure

Plying any of the best motorcycle routes across America is exceptionally gratifying. If you have taken a motorcycle tour, you will agree that there is something uniquely satisfying about touring on a motorbike. 

We have come across riders who ask about the best motorcycle rides across America. Our team did thorough research to come up with these scenic routes with a heightened sense of adventure. If you enjoy the feeling of adventure and beauty while on your ride, then you need to try these beautiful motorcycle routes across America. 

You need to note that these top motorcycle rides across America are in no particular order. It all depends on what you enjoy the most while riding your motorcycle across the country. 

The Best Motorcycle Routes Across America 

The Natchez Trace  

    This riding route cuts across three different states (Tennesse, Alabama, and Mississippi). It is a classic riding route that spans more than 400 miles. If you want to cruise and enjoy the pines, magnolias, and moss-draped oaks, this route is perfect for you. According to Dave Gott, the manager of American Legend Rider, this motorbike riding route has historical connections to the Civil War battle history. If you need a break at any point, there are lots of biker friendly bed-and-breakfast. 

    • A great stop: You can't miss stopping at the Mississippi town of Tupelo to pay homage at Elvis Presley's birthplace. It is a tourist location that you might want to explore. 

    The Pacific Coast Highway, Carmel to Morro Bay

      This is undoubtedly one of the best motorcycle routes across America. The scenic roadway is located in California, and it is like no other. This route offers a whole lot of treats like the crashing surf, towering redwood forests, seal-dotted beaches, and many more. There are enough curves to keep you contented end-to-end on this route. The cliff-hugging ribbons stretch 120 miles and provide stellar views for riders. This is more than enough to whet your appetite for more adventure as you ride along. 

      • A great stop: Ensure to book a visit to Hearst Castle. The site is a beauty to behold, and you will love it. 

      The Beartooth Highway

        This 68-mile scenic motorcycle route cuts across the states of Wyoming and Montana. If you are looking for quaint towns or relaxing cruising, you won't get any on this route. However, you are going to get a dizzying climb, abundant twists and turns, and some dazzling mountain scenery. There is a high possibility you will come across some wild animals like grizzly bears, black bears, mountain goats, etc. This pass is typically open between May through mid-October. 

        • A great stop: The Yellowstone National Park is at the western end of the Beartooth Pass. You will find the Lamar Valley a good spot to watch bison, elk, wolves, and bears. There is no way you wouldn't want to enjoy the beauty of this motorcycle route on your next ride. 

        The Blue Ridge Parkway

        This iconic mountain route cuts across North Carolina and Virginia. No serious rider wouldn't want to have it on his/her must-do list. The northern section goes through Civil War battle sites. As you ride further south, you climb into the Great Smoky Mountains, where you meet the Great Ridge Parkway's sweeping curves. Going at 45 miles per hour, you will ample time to savor the views. 

        • A great stop: You can't ride this route without stopping to enjoy the Civil War battle sites as it ambles through the bucolic countryside. 

            The tail of the Dragon

            This is one of the best motorcycle routes across America, and you need to have a feel of it if you haven't. It is arguably the most famous motorcycle route in America. Although it is only 11 miles, it packs in 318 curves for such a short distance. The route has been excellently maintained, no doubt about that. However, there are steep drop-offs and lots of hair-raising turns on this route. This route is as challenging as it trilling. It takes you through the mountains facing switchbacks and elevation changes. If you are a sports bike rider, this should be music to your ears. 

            • A great stop: You can't fail to slow down and take in the breathtaking mountain vistas. Riders often do this before or after their ride. 

              The Peter Norbeck National Scenic Byway

                If you are looking for an ideal badland for a motorcycle ride, then head over to South Dakota. This route combines stunning scenery and challenging roads. There are lots of places for you to hop off your bike and explore the terrain. It is a 70-mile ride that includes some of the most iconic sites in South Dakota. This route also has the famous Needles Highway, one of the best stretches for motorcycle riders to turn and twist their way through Mother Nature. 

                • A great stop: There are lots of great locations along this motorcycle route like Mount Rushmore, Crazy Horse Memorial, etc. If you are a wildlife lover, then explore the Custer State Park, which is home to bighorn sheep, prairie dogs, bison, antelope, mountain goats, etc. 

                    The Lake Michigan Circle Tour

                    This 1,000-mile route cuts across four different states, including Michigan, Illinois, Wisconsin, and Indiana. The route loops around Lake Michigan with sites like Michigan's Sleeping Bear Dunes and Mackinac Island. You can also enjoy Wisconsin's quaint Door Peninsula. 

                    • A great stop: You wouldn't want to miss Milwaukee's Harley-Davidson Museum. Alternatively, you could decide to explore Wisconsin's rustic roads and stunning scenery. 

                        Going-to-the-Sun Road

                        It is located in Montana and cuts through the Glacier National Park. The route offers an unparalleled mountain view that makes it worth your while for a special summer trip. Some riders always get off their bikes to take a few hikes while in Glacier; you can also try that. If you are a nature lover, this is one of America's best motorcycle routes for you. 

                        • A great stop: You should explore the Logan Pass, the highest point on Going-to-the-Sun. You should also look for grizzly bears, bighorn sheep, and mountain goats in the alpine meadows while hiking.


                        While you go on these rides, you must have your gear at all times. Bikerlids offers you with the best helmet for your comfort and protection. You have seen our list for the best motorcycle routes across America, so which did you think we missed? Kindly share your thought in the comment section provided below.  

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