Cafe Racer: Everything You Need To Know

Cafe Racers have been around for quite some time. Decades after they first hit the roads, they still maintain a class among their peers; in looks and performance. Cafe racers look cool from whatever perspective you approach them; with their aggressive styling and top-notch performance, they have become one of the most desirable styles among motorcycle enthusiasts.

Have you thought of owning a motorcycle and need to know the brand or model to purchase? The cafe racer may be your best bet, and this article explains why. This article will teach you all you need to know about these two-wheeled beauties.

What Is A Cafe Racer?

A cafe racer is a genre of motorcycles that surfaced in the United Kingdom in the 1900s. They were primarily standard-issue bikes modified by their owners (proponents of the Rocker subculture) for a better, more sporty look and higher speeds.

Cafe Racer's History

You are probably wondering what 'Cafes' have to do with motorcycles. Well, the origins of the cafe racers can be traced back to the early 1960s when a group of young riders called 'Rockers' or 'Ton-Up Boys' used these bikes for quick, short commutes between cafes in London. This came at a time when the UK was recovering from austerity caused by the wars, and economic normalcy was gradually being restored. The cafe racer became a symbol of status and youthful rebelliousness as opposed to owning a car which was associated with family men and came with a higher price tag, of course. The manufacturers designed the motorcycles in such a manner that they became very fast and often used to race from one cafe to another. Owners usually stripped the motorcycles of all unnecessary components and added parts designed for the racetrack. Riders can also swap the brand names for customized names.

Cafe Racer's Performance

The designers built these Cafe Racers with performance in mind. From the early 60s versions with customarily tuned engines to modern-day cafe racers with factory-fitted superior engines, these motorcycles are absolute beasts on the road. You can tune up the engines to 400cc and cruise at speeds surpassing 170 km/h. They have a low-riding position that reduces wind resistance, and fuel tanks are indented to create room for knee grips. This position streamlines the rider for higher speeds and road alertness. The seats are flat, and the handlebars are short to enhance control and give off a more sporty outlook.

Top motorcycle manufacturing firms such as Ducati, BMW, Yamaha, and Norton have recently tailored some motorcycles to suit the cafe racer preference. This has eliminated the need for excessive tunings from riders and created a booming specific market for this style of motorcycle. 

Triumph, for instance, manufactured a retro cafe racer motorcycle called Thruxton R. Ducati and produced the SportClassic, a cafe racer made between 2006 and 2009.

Is Cafe Racer Suitable For Beginners?

Owing to its tremendous speed, some people have come up with questions about the suitability of the cafe racers for beginners. The answer is YES. Cafe racers are an excellent choice for beginners for several reasons, especially their lightweight frames and sporty riding position. It is, however, advisable for beginners and pros alike to wear proper gear and protection. Examples of protective gear include full-face helmets, gloves, shoes, biker wear with knee, elbow and shoulder protection, and shoes. Safety is for everyone, but a beginner needs to take extra care for obvious reasons.

Is Cafe Racer Good For Long-Distance Rides?

Considering the riding position and the build of cafe racers, they might only be somewhat suitable for long-distance trips. However, certain accessories can enhance comfort and safety for long-distance rides. Motorcycle gloves, for instance, can give you a better grip on the handlebars. They help keep your hands warm in cold weather and soak up moisture from sweaty hands in hot weather. Apart from their protective attributes, full-face helmets do a perfect job of preventing wind fatigue during long-distance rides. Motorcycle riding glasses prevent dust and debris from entering your eyes while riding long distances. It also protects your eyes against harsh rays from the sun.

Is Cafe Racer Legal In Australia?

Cafe Racer is very legal in Australia and many other parts of the world. Riders are, however, required to follow specific regulations, such as wearing helmets and riding at certain speeds according to local road laws. Altogether, any law that applies to a road user also applies to you as a cafe racer rider. You must not drink while riding, observe traffic signs, obey the traffic lights, be courteous, always adorn yourself with your complete bikers' paraphernalia and don't be stingy with your smile. You won't get into any trouble.

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