Comparing Different Materials Used in Motorbike Gear

The best material for motorbike safety gear has been one of the top debates among motorcycle riders. Lots of riders also ask what material is used for motorcycle clothing. Having the right motorbike outfit can greatly impact your comfort and safety while riding your motorcycle. As motorcycle riders, we all want to have the best motorcycle clothing for our safety and comfort at all times. In this article, we will compare different materials used in motorbike gear and provide you with the right information to make the best choice. What are the things you should pay attention to when buying your motorbike clothes? What is the best material to wear on a motorcycle? Continue reading for the answers to these questions and more. 


What Material is Used for Motorcycle Clothing?

There are different types of motorbike outfits in the market. Knowing the best material for each of these motorbike safety gears will improve your riding experience. For motorcycle helmets, they can be made of synthetic reinforced shell, Kevlar, carbon fiber, fiberglass, or composite. When it comes to the best combination of lightness, strength, and flexibility, composite takes the crown, although very expensive. 

When it comes to the best material for motorcycle jacket fabric, you can go for Kevlar, Cordura, or Dyneema. While Cordura fabrics offer great durability and are abrasion-resistant, Kevlar can withstand high-intensity use & impact. Dyneema offers the best protection as it is over 10 times stronger than steel. 

The best motorcycle gloves are either made of leather or reinforced textiles. For added protection, you can go for the ones that have reinforced stitching around the fingers with additional silicone grips on the palms. For motorcycle boots, leather is the king. Aside from the fact that it is very protective, leather is easy to clean and can last long. You can also get artificial leather for your motorcycle boots. They are generally less expensive than the natural ones, strong, and durable. 

What is the Best Material To Wear on A Motorcycle?

Your choice of material to wear on a motorcycle can either make or mar your safety and comfort. Wearing the wrong material can be life-threatening during certain weather conditions or even in an accident. It is not enough to wear a motorbike safety gear; you need to ensure it is one with the best material. Here are the best materials to wear on a motorcycle:

  • The Classic Choice: Leather

For most bikers, leather is mostly the preferred material for motorbike gear. There are many reasons why most bikers love leather motorcycle clothing. One of the most prominent features of leather material is that it offers the best crash protection compared to other materials. Leather is also highly durable and offers you an excellent traditional appearance. 

Although leather is the go-to motorbike protective gear material for most riders, it can be pretty expensive and not ideal for extreme weather conditions. Additionally, some leather materials are not water resistant. 

  • Modern Materials: Textiles, Kevlar, and Beyond

When it comes to choosing to go for Textiles, Kevlar, or leather motorbike safety gear, even the most experienced riders need clarification. While leather is arguably the most preferred material for motorbike clothes, textiles, and Kevlar also have some advantages. Compared to leather, textile motorbike outfit is lighter, offers more comfort, and allows you to enjoy more freedom of body movement. 

Kevlar is less bulky than leather; therefore, it offers you more flexibility and less weight to worry about. In terms of utility, textile is more versatile in function compared to leather.

  • Material Features to Consider: Waterproofing, Breathability, and Insulation

Features like waterproofing, breathability, and insulation can make all the difference when choosing your motorbike safety gear material. If you always ride during the rainy seasons, it is advisable that you go for materials that are waterproof. In hot weather, ensure that your motorbike clothes do not absorb heat but insulate you from the scorching sun. 

If you are the type that sweats easily, then you should always go for materials with high breathability. Such material will allow sweat to easily evaporate to the outside, thereby making you more comfortable. 

  • Comparing Costs

Having the best material for your motorcycle gear comes at a cost. For leather motorcycle jackets, you can get between $50-$8000. If you are going for the best quality leather motorbike safety gear, be ready to spend some good money. Alternatively, you can get a textile motorcycle jacket for as low as $100 and as high as $1000, depending on your choice. For Kevlar-made motorcycle gear, you can buy it for as low as $50 and as high as $500. If you decide to go for a full motorcycle gear all made of leather, rest assured that it will be more expensive than the alternatives (textile or Kevlar). In the end, it all comes down to two factors: what you can afford and the material you are comfortable with. 

The Road to a Better Gear Starts with the Right Material

Your comfort and safety during your motorcycle ride are highly dependent on choosing the suitable material for your motorbike outfit. Before making your choice of the best motorbike safety gear, it is imperative that you first understand the weather conditions peculiar to your environment. No matter the quality of your motorbike protective gear, if it is not suitable for the weather in your location, it is as good as useless. In the end, your safety and comfort are all that matters while riding your motorcycle. Anything short of this is entirely irrelevant.  

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