Helmet Visors - How to clean and maintain

A clean and clear bike helmet with visor is a vital asset to every motorbike rider. It is because the visor is the only link to what lies ahead of the motorbike rider. In addition, maintaining your helmet visor with scratches is not tricky, and the materials needed are available and not expensive.

You must maintain your visors because it is costly to replace them when damaged. The lifespan of your helmet visor can also be lengthened when you take good care of it.

Are you wondering “how to remove scratches from helmet visor?” Or your question is “how to clean helmet visor at home?” then this article is for you. This article will show you how to clean and maintain your helmet visor.  

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Possessing a dirty bike helmet with visor will affect you when driving your bike. To avoid this, you must clean away all the dirt from your helmet visor and remove all scratches from the visor.

How to clean and remove scratches from your helmet visor at home

Your bike helmet with a visor is your window to the world. Therefore you must keep it clean at all times. Cleaning your visor is effortless and will require a short time. The first thing you have to do is to separate the visor from the helmet before cleaning it.

You can separate the visor from the helmet by:

  •       Spreading the visor open to reach the spring-loaded clip that attached it to the helmet
  •       Pull down the clip to release the hatch from the helmet
  •       You can either open or close the visor until you have reached a point where the visor will ease out.

After carefully detaching the visor from the helmet, you can clean all scratches from your visor through these methods. However, the following materials will be needed for cleaning your visors. They are;

  • Running water with liquid soap or a mixed bucket of warm water and soap
  • A battery or electricity-powered power buffer polisher
  • Any kind of toothpaste (e.g. fluoride toothpaste) or an auto cut or polish cream
  • Elbow grease
  • Grit sandpaper (1000, 2000 and 3000)
  • Heat gun
  • Flashlight or lamp
  • An old piece of cloth

Therefore you can follow the following methods on how to remove scratches from helmet visors. The methods are:

1. Use soap and water:

You can use this method to clean your helmet visor at home. The method involves the following steps:

  • Carefully remove the visor from the helmet by following the above-stated steps
  • Wash the visor with soap and water
  • Carefully apply the cut and polish cream to the power buffer
  • Spread the power buffer on your visor
  • Wash your visor with soap and water again

2. The use of sandpaper:

You can use sandpaper to clean your visor by following these steps. They are;

  • Carefully detach the visor from your helmet by following the step stated above
  • Use the 2000-grit sandpaper to remove scratches by gently applying it all over the visor
  • Apply water to the 3000-grit sandpaper and use it to wash all over the visor under running water
  • Use the cut and polish cream to apply the power polisher to finish it.
  • Carefully attached the visor back to the helmet

3. The use of a heat gun:

You can also use the heat gun to clean your visor by following the following steps.

  • Carefully remove your visor from the helmet
  • Apply water to the 1500-grit sandpaper and gently use it to wash the visor under running water. You can also use the nails on your finger to remove all scratches attached to the surface of the visor.
  • Use a rag or old cloth to remove excess water from the surface of the visor.Next, put the visor in a dry place to allow it to dry from all dampness.
  • Set your heat gun to 5500c and allow it to reach the operating temperature.
  • Turn on your lamp or flashlight and hold the visor two to three feet away from the lamp.
  • Place the heat gun at exactly four inches away from scratches on your visor. Slowly and constantly move the gun towards all scratches that remain on the visor
  • Allow the visor to cool down for up to 45 minutes before returning it to the helmet

Note: avoid holding the gun in a place for a long time on the visor to avoid damage to the visor.

4. Toothpaste:

You can also use toothpaste to remove scratches from your visor by following the following steps.

  • Carefully detach the visor from the helmet
  • Wash both the visor and the pad of the power buffer with water
  • Apply a small amount of toothpaste and auto polish to the wet part of the power buffer
  • Use the wet power buffer to remove the tints and scratches on the visor
  • Carefully attach the visor back to the helmet after cleaning

Protection of Helmet Visor from Scratches

Your bike helmet with visor is very fragile and can be protected by careful handling. You can follow the following suggestions on how to protect your visor from scratches. They are;

  • Always avoid following closely other riders and vehicles on the road. It will prevent you from a range of stones and other debris on the road.
  • Avoid putting the visor up when you are riding on a dusty road. It will avoid the gathering dust on the inside of the visor that may damage the visor
  • Always place your bike helmet with visor in a safe place to avoid falling off and having scratches.


There are many reasons why you must clean and protect your helmet visors from scratches. It could be because of damage, visibility on the road, etc. Regardless of the reasons, your bike helmet with visor can be clean and maintained at home at a low cost.


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