How Often Do You Change Your Motorcycle Oil?

Many motorcycle riders want to know how often to change motorcycle oil, and there are lots of information out there. However, finding the right information on how to check motorcycle oil can be a big challenge. As a responsible motorcycle owner, your job is to ensure the optimal functionality of your motorbike. Maintaining your motorbike in good shape helps you to prevent the unwanted breakdown of your motorcycle. 

In this article, we shall answer questions like:

  • When to change oil motorcycle?
  • Can you use car oil in a motorcycle?
  • How to check motorcycle oil?

How Often To Change Motorcycle Oil

The answer to this is dependent on the type of motorcycle oil you used in the last oil change. If you are using mineral-based motorcycle engine oil for your motorbike, then you need to change the oil every 2000 miles. Meanwhile, if you don't ride your bike regularly, you should change the motorcycle oil at least two times a year. 

However, if your motorbike uses semi-synthetic engine oil, you should change the oil after every 7000 to 10000 miles. Although semi-synthetic motorcycle oil is more expensive, they generally last longer than mineral-based motorcycle oil. If you travel long distances every day with your bike, then you need to change your motorcycle oil more frequently. It doesn't matter if you are using mineral-based oil or semi-synthetic oil for your motorcycle. 

Whenever you feel that your motorcycle oil is dirty or that the engine is not performing at an optimal level, you must go-ahead to change the oil irrespective of the mileage. 

How To Check Motorcycle Oil 

You already know how often to change motorcycle oil. Now, you must know how to ascertain if your motorcycle oil is dirty. First, you need to physically inspect the engine oil condition, including the oil level in the crankcase. Depending on your motorcycle type, there are three practical ways you can know if the oil is dirty. 

  • Make use of the oil level dipstick. 

All you need to do here is take out the dipstick to know the condition of your motorcycle oil. If the oil is watery or excessively blackish, then you should consider changing the oil. With the dipstick, you can also know the quantity of oil inside the crankcase. On the dipstick, you will find a low and high marker indicating the level of the oil. 

  • Remove the oil level plug of your motorcycle.

You can find the oil level plug by the side of the crankcase of your motorbike. All you have to do is remove the plug using a wrench. This will allow you to check the condition of the oil in your engine. If the oil is too dirty, then you need to replace it with a fresh one. 

  • You can use the oil sight window.

You will see a clear plastic window having high and low marks beside the crankcase. It will tell you if the oil level is low or whether the oil is dirty. You must note that the oil sight window is not the best method to check if the oil is dirty. However, it will give you an understanding of the overall condition of your motorcycle oil. 

You should bear in mind that the normal color of your used motorcycle engine oil should be brownish to a little black. The color change is an indication that your engine oil is working effectively to protect your engine. 

Can You Use Car Oil in a Motorcycle?

Can you use car oil on a motorcycle? There is no absolute answer to that. If the manufacturer's guide mandates you only use motorcycle oil for your engines, you must strictly follow that. However, it is ok to temporarily use car oil in a motorcycle if you are left with no choice. It would help if you did not use it frequently. Whenever you use car engine oil on your motorcycle, you must change the oil sooner. Although there are a lot of similarities between car engine oil and motorcycle, if you use car engine oil often on your motorcycle, the differences will begin to take a toll on your motorbike. Such action can lead to a bigger problem for your motorcycle. 

Best Engine Oil For Your Motorcycle

You can have a good knowledge of how often to change motorcycle oil, but do you know the best oil? If your bike is old, the best oil to use is mineral-based motorcycle oil. Many people who are driving older bikes report oil leaks after a while of using synthetic engine oil. This is due to the viscosity of the synthetic engine oil. If you have modern motorcycles, street bikes, or racing motorcycles, synthetic engine oil will be the perfect oil. 

Always make out time to check the service manual of your motorbike to determine the best engine oil to use. 

Should You Change The Oil Filter Each Time You Change The Oil?

For most motorcycles, you should change the oil filter every 2000 to 3000 miles. Meanwhile, if you are using synthetic motorcycle engine oil, you need to change the oil filter every time you change the oil. A good and efficiently functioning oil filter will help to keep your oil clean. It holds off dirt, debris, sludge, and other metallic particles. 

As an occasional rider, you can afford to change your oil filter two times a year. For frequent long-distance riders, it is advisable to change the filter each time you change the oil. It doesn't matter if you are using mineral-based oil or synthetic motorcycle engine oil. 

Closing Thoughts

When it comes to how often to change motorcycle oil, you should always pay attention to the manufacturer's manual. The answer to when to change oil motorcycle depends on varieties of considerations. Hardcore riders that use mineral-based motorcycle engine oil need to change their oil every 2000 to 300 miles. For synthetic oil users, they can change their oil every 5000 to 6000 miles.If your looking for quality motorcycle accessories and Low profile Helmets go to  

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