How To Clean Your Motorbike Helmet

Other than your motorbike itself, it would be best if you also learned how to clean your motorbike helmet. Your helmet is an essential part of our time on the wheels. You will use your motorbike helmet during the rain, sunshine, heat waves, and virtually anytime you are on your motorcycle. 

Your helmet does one of the essential jobs while you are on the road with your motorbike. It protects your skull and all its contents. Therefore, you need to ensure that it is adequately taken care of at all times. In this article, we will guide you on the best approach to clean your motorbike helmet.

Learning how to clean a bike helmet will not only keep you from covering your face with a smelly interior lining, it will prolong the lifespan of your motorbike helmet. The steps we have listed below are best practices that have yielded success stories all through its years of practice.  

Step 1: Source The Best Motorcycle Helmet Cleaner

The first step is to get your helmet cleaning kit. Although most people have their preferences when choosing their helmet cleaning kit, there are essential items needed for a start.  

  • Microfibre rags

This is a great motorcycle helmet cleaner, and it doesn’t always have to be new. It is always god that you start with a cleaning rag. Dirty microfibre rag will increase the risk of roughing up the exterior finish of your helmet during the cleaning process. 

  • Baby Shampoo

When going for a cleaning agent, you need to ensure that it is not petroleum-based. Due to gentle nature, baby shampoo is always the perfect choice.

  • Warm Water

When washing your motorbike helmet, warm water is your best ally. It makes it easy for you to loosen dirt and dead bugs without damaging your helmet material.

  • Toothbrush

A cheap toothbrush with soft bristles should be part of your helmet cleaning kit. It will help you clean the nooks and crannies which are inaccessible to the microfibre rags. You will find the toothbrush handy when cleaning the face shield of your bike helmet.

Step 2: Remove external accessories

After you have acquired your helmet cleaning kit, before you clean your motorbike helmet; you need to remove all electronics and external accessories. Accessories like microphones, antennas, batteries, and Bluetooth communicator should be removed. Meanwhile, if you are cleaning a dual-sport helmet that has a peak, you should remove and clean separately. 

Step 3: Remove the interior of your helmet

Before you start to clean your motorbike helmet, you need to remove the internal liner and cheek pads. However, before you commence with removing the internal liner of your helmet, check your owner’s manual. After you have successfully removed these internal liners, keep them aside and start cleaning your helmet. 

Step 4: Get the outer shell of your motorbike helmet ready

You start by soaking your microfibre rag in warm water and draping it all over the helmet. This will help to loosen up all hard dirt and bugs. It will also help to dislodge stuck-on gunk and reduce the effort you will put in to clean it later. Leave the wet microfibre rag on the helmet and while you get on with the next phase.

Step 5: Clean the interior lining you removed in step 3

While you clean your motorbike helmet, you need to give special attention to the cleaning of the interior linings. The interior lining of your motorcycle soaks up lots of sweat, hair oil, etc. To clean the interior of your motorbike helmet, fill a bucket or sink with warm water and baby shampoo.

 When you have done that, dunk the interior liner into the soapy warm water and massage lightly. Baby shampoo is ideal doe this task because it is super gentle and designed to wash off sweat and hair oil. When you are done, allow the helmet liner and cheek pads to air dry. It would be best if you washed these interior liners the night before you plan on riding. This allows ample time for them to dry thoroughly. You wouldn’t want to shove your face in a wet helmet liner. 

Step 6: Clean the exterior of your motorbike helmet

Now you have to remove the damp microfibre rag you placed on your helmet in step 4. You also need to remove the face shield and keep it aside. You should use a new microfibre rag to clean off any leftover dirt on your helmet. Always use warm water when cleaning your helmet and be mindful of the solvent and cleaning solutions that you use. 

Step 7: Clean the face shield 

Most of the face shields we use today come with protective coatings to protect against UV radiation and fog. Therefore, you must not use any solution other than warm water to clean the face shield of your helmet. Always refer to the owner’s manual for more care instructions about your face shield. You can leave a wet microfibre rag on the face shield for minutes to help soften up and clean away dirt, dust, or smudges. 

If your motorcycle helmet has an internal sun shield, sprinkle water on it and wipe down with a microfibre towel. It is always easier to leave the sun shield in place while cleaning because it is a challenging task to fix back once removed. 

Step 8: Carefully Reassemble Your Helmet 

You reassemble your cleaned motorcycle helmet by starting with placing the dry liner and cheek pads back in place. Also, reattach the face shield and other accessories that you have removed. 


You have seen that it is quite simple and easy to clean your motorbike helmet. However, getting a good helmet cleaning kit suitable for your helmet is very important. Whenever you want to clean your helmet, always go for the best motorcycle helmet cleaner. Meanwhile, it is good that you consult your owner’s manual for directives about cleaning your motorbike helmet. This ensures you are not doing anything contrary to the manufacturer’s guidelines. We'd recommend browsing our range our products if you're looking for a motorcycle helmet!

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