Luggage Storage Tips for Motorcycles

Motorcycle bags used for transporting luggage have two major categories which are saddlebags and tank bags. Saddlebags which are also known as tail bags are kept on the end of the motorcycle while tank bags which are not as large as saddlebags are mounted in front of the rider. Tank bags can be removed temporarily when you want to refuel your motorcycle, which makes it easier to journey with. Sometimes when you are embarking on a journey, and you discover that your saddlebags will not be enough for your luggage, especially when you are travelling with someone else. It is important to add tank bags, so you won’t run out of important materials you will be needing. An average saddlebag contains underwear, socks, a few shirts, toiletries, medications, a pair of jeans and sweatshirts for cold mornings.Motorcycles fall are of two different types.

  • Soft category 
  • Hard category 

Hard Bags

Hard bags which are made up of metal or plastic are easier to lock and secure. They are also waterproof. But they are heavier and more difficult to transport. Hard motorcycle luggage is bike specific, due to the clearance needs. Soft motorcycle bags are not as durable as the hard ones. Though they are not waterproof they have rain covers to protect them from rain.But if you are not carrying much gear, there’s another option for you which is the backpack. A good motorcycle backpack offers durable materials and an ergonomic design.They may be as roomy as and more convenient for you to store your clothes or essential materials. Buying motorcycle luggage bags must not necessarily be expensive, but if you want additional features it will attract more charges. Aside backpacks and saddlebags, panniers and strapped to the passenger seat can also be used for luggage storage.


Panniers have been discovered to be the best type of motorcycle bag used for  luggage storage, this is because they can be locked and can contain a lot of goods. The ability to lock them is good especially if you are running around the city and intend leaving your motorcycle at a few places while running errands. Be rest assured that whatever you locked in the pannier remains there. One of the major disadvantages of pannier is that it increases the downside of a motorcycle , this makes it easier to clip an object when you are not paying attention. 

Strapped to passenger's seat

When it comes to this process, you need to pay attention on how to strap the bags down, not everyone knows how to do this. Using a net to hold all the bags together makes the process easier. Packing the heavier and wider objects at the bottom will lower the chances of the items flopping over while you are riding.

 Not every storage can be moved with motorcycles and not every motorcycle is suitable for moving every luggage. When going on long trips, there are processes to pack your luggage and other cargoes. The processes include: 

Find an empty surface area around the bike

This means that you will need to find an area on your motorcycle with a large surface area for your luggage without any overhang. If your motorcycle doesn’t have side bags or a trunk, you can make use of your passenger's seat. In the absence of these, you can buy a sissy bar or any other type of rack that you can put your luggage on.

Locate the attachment points

Find a good securing point that you can tie a bungee cord to. A good securing point can either be on the frame or any attachment mounted directly to the frame of the motorcycle. Do not use plastics or breakable materials as attachment points. Secure the bag using bungee net.

Adjust the weight distribution of the luggage as needed

Do not use regular travel luggage on your motorcycle, always stick to luggage that are made for motorcycles only. Carrying loads that are heavier than the motorcycle reduces the lifeline of the tyres.

Don’t compromise on safety

Life is about balance, and you notice that when sitting in the motorcycle. The reason you can balance on the bike is that the machine is grafted in such a way that your position holds the centre of gravity. So, when you introduce extra weight you are shifting the centre of gravity. So you need to take that into consideration when choosing the best way to pack. Do not include luggage that will distort the balance of the motorcycle.

These are a few points you need to consider before packing your luggage.

Do not block airflow to the engine

Oftentimes, people place their luggages on the front fender of their car. In some other cases, a fork bag hangs right over their headlight. It is not always a great thing to do as the engine depends on cooling air from the fender and down past the headlight . Especially on bikes with fat front tires and fenders.

Observe load limit

This load limit reflects the concern of motorcycle and luggage makers about the potential dangers of overloading or incorrect load placements, the maximum total weight of bike, fluids, riders and luggage that the manufacturers recommend. The bike may not self-destruct if it is overloaded however, there will be a marked increase in breaking distances, as it becomes difficult to handle it and wheels and suspension will face more pressure while tyres May get hot which means greater wear. 

Increase Tyre Pressure to Compensate

It is the air in the tyre that supports the weight of the bike and the cargo on it. As a result of this, you need to increase air pressure to the upper limit when you put so much load on the bike. Whenever the tyres are stone-cold, make sure to check the pressure, even if it means adding more air. Riding with an under inflated tyre may cause it to heat up rapidly. Which can make the tyre come apart, this happens more when overloaded.

Avoid exhaust pipe and chains

If you are travelling with soft bags, do not place them near the exhaust pipe. Soft bags may shift or droop and reach the pipe even when they look like they are high above the pipe after installation.  Aside from the bag catching fire, if you are using a synthetic bag it may leave an impervious blob of melted plastic on the pipe. Even when you are using a leather bag, you have to be careful because it may set the contents on fire. The chain is another possible danger point. Do not forget that the bag comes closer to the chain or belt as the suspension compresses. Make sure there’s enough space between the bag and the chain.


These highlighted luggage storage tips for motorcycles can save you a great deal of stress. Riding with your luggage safely secured on your bike, gives you that lovely feeling of knowing everything is in place . Click here to order for your authentic and top-quality motorcycle gears. 


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