Motorbike Maintenance Tools - The Essentials

The pride of every motorbike owner is to be able to do common motorbike maintenance tasks. Maintenance of motorbike will require the use of motorbike tool kit. The bike multi-tool coupled with the maintenance manual will help you to do some everyday motorbike upkeep tasks.

The standard maintenance task that you will perform with your motorbike tool kit includes the following. They are maintenance of tires, changing oil and oil filters, replacing bulbs, adjusting chains, etc.

Knowing motorbike maintenance tools will help you to keep your motorbike in good condition. This guide will provide you with the information you need to know about the motorbike tool kit.

- Key Takeaway

Maintaining your motorbike will require the use of a motorbike tool kit for the proper management of your motorbike. Proper maintenance of your motorbike will improve your riding experience and the lifespan of your motorbike.

Standard Tools for Motorbike Maintenance

The essential thing that you must have in your motorbike tool kit is the owner's manual of your motorbike. The owner's manual is the tool you will refer to for all the maintenance on your bike. The essential maintenance tools for the upkeep of your motorbike are listed below.

1. Tire pressure gauge

Tire pressure gauge is an essential material in the motorbike tool kit. It is one of the most crucial tools for the maintenance of your motorbike. The types of tire pressure gauge that you can use on your motorbike include inexpensive pencil style, precision analog, etc.

The following factors must be considered when you want to choose a pressure gauge for your motorbike.

  •       The highest pressure of your motorbike tyre
  •       The angle and clearance for access to the air fill valve of your motorbike
  •       The type of gauge and inflator for use that you want.

Note: the correct gauge for your motorbike is the one that is easy to check the tire pressure before every ride. You must therefore include a good tire pressure gauge in your motorbike tool kit.

2. Screwdrivers:

It is one of the most elementary tools for the maintenance of your motorbike. The screwdriver is required for most of the maintenance work on your motorbike. The screwdriver is in different sizes and sets, and it ranges from Philips and flat-head to interchangeable tips.
It is essential to include a screwdriver on your list when you want to buy motorbike tools.

3. Tire inflator or compressor:

You can use both the tire inflator and the compressor to increase your tire's pressure. After determining the tire pressure through the gauge, you can use either instrument to increase the pressure.
However, it is essential to know that you can use the compressor to do more than your tire's inflation. It can also be used to provide power for your air tools and your motorcycle lift.

4. Wrench Set:

A wrench set is another tool you must have inside your motorbike tool kit. The wrench set is essential for the maintenance you want to do on your motorbike. For example, wrench sets are used to loosen and re-tighten the fasteners of your motorbike.
Your wrench set can be either metric or standard, depending on your budget. Your wrench set can also be big enough for you to keep in the garage. You can also have a small size that you can carry along on the road for emergencies.
The ratchet wrench is very common, and it allows you to change the fastener sizes. It can also be in the form of short and long extensions.

5. Hex keys: 

The hex head fasteners are used majorly by the Japanese models of motorbikes. Therefore if your motorbike is a Japanese model, you will need a hex key to remove the hex-head fasteners. If you are not financially capable, you can get a simple version of hex keys called Allen wrenches.

6. Plier:

a plier is an essential tool used for a lot of random jobson your bike.Therefore a couple of pliers are essential tools that you must keep in your bike tool kits.For example, when you are doing maintenance on your motorbike, the plier will help you get a grip on things.

7. Ratchet and Socket Set:

the ratchet and socket set are the most used bike multi-tools. It comes in different types, ranging from a cheap set with a dozen sockets to a massive mechanics set with plenty of sockets. However, you can decide to buy the fundamental one before adding more as you need them.
The sizes of the ratchet and socket set range from 4mm to 20mm. The primary function of the tool is for removing your rear wheel.

8. Hammer: 

a hammer is an essential tool in your motorbike tool kit. A hammer will help you to drive your impact wrench and also loose stubborn fasteners. In addition, the impact power of a hammer can help you get things in place when you are doing maintenance on your motorbike.

9. Torque wrench:

a touch wrench is an essential tool in your bike tool kits. It allows you to set the exact torque level of your motorbike. The touch wench is in various standard measurements, which include inch-pounds, foot-pounds and newton meters.
The touch wrench can be in different ranges and sizes, including ¼-inch, 3/8-inch and 1/2-inch.

10. Fastener standards and motorbike stand:

your motorbike is built with either of the two primary fastener standards. The fastener sizes are essential tools that you must have in your bike tool kit during your bike maintenance.
The motorbike stand helps you to hold your motorbike when you are doing maintenance on your bike. It can also help to hold your bike when you need to remove a tire. A quality motorbike stand is essential when you are doing maintenance on your motorbike.


To enjoy your motorbike, you must buy motorbike tools and keep them in the bike tool kits for maintenance. Proper motorbike maintenance will need the essential tools and the owner's manual of your motorbike.

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