Motorcycle Riding in the Summer

Summer is just all sunny weather with dry and hot temperatures, unlike the cold of Winter. Nobody has to deal with snow and all the discomfort it causes for automobile users. Summer may seem like the most preferred weather for motorcycling and driving activities because there is no rain or wind like cold weather. However, the weather can be quite uncomfortable as the heat only gets hotter. 

Because the roads are dry and visible, many people hit the road on their motorcycles. While some may use it as a mode of conveyance to and from work or school, others may find it an ideal recreational activity. Summer seems like the best time to get on a bike, and it's common to see motorcycles racing on the highway. Riding in the summer is cool. You wouldn’t have to experience much of the traffic caused on busy roads. You can easily get in narrow corners and manoeuvre your way through, unlike driving a car. 

Many motorcycle riders choose summer to show off their skills since there are only a few obstacles, unlike in winter. And many are nonchalant about their gear because they do not see any necessity for protective gear. However, you still need some form of protection while riding in summer. Granted, the roads are dry, and you'll probably only have interference from wind, but that is also a valid reason to protect yourself. 

If you are getting ready to hit the road once again during the summer, you may want to prepare using the right gears like jackets, vests, and even boots to keep you cool. Even if you don't believe that you need some form of protection during summer, having your gears is necessary. And the most important thing about summer gear is that you need to get high quality from reputable stores. Here’s a list of some cool motorcycle gears that would just be perfect for the weather. 

Important Gears for the Summer Weather


This would always top the list as one of the most important gears. In fact, some rules make its usage very necessary. Researchers discovered how less susceptible you can be to a brain injury with your helmets on a motorcycle ride. If you are one of those that avoid helmets because of how less ventilated you think it is, worry no more. On the BikerLid store, you can easily shop for a helmet that not only suits your gender but also has better ventilation. You may want to check out the ones with no coverings on your face.


There are lots of these in many stores out there that may quite put you in a confusing state. Oh well, you can easily shop for any of your desired jacket patterns and colors. Even if you’re a lover of black, you would still get that black that wouldn’t seem to attract more heat. Some vests help keep you cool throughout the ride.


These will help you protect your hands. They are very important for your everyday use and in controlling your motorcycle. You can easily find gloves designed to suit the summer weather and cause little to no heat. Shopping for the right gloves is important. You do not want to get all sweaty hands while you ride all day long.


Protecting yourself from sunburn is as necessary as protecting yourself from that rash caused by heat. You should be able to try shopping for suitable pants that are comfortable enough for that ride to and fro. 


It would be best if you opted for boots that will easily allow air inflow. Your thick, waterproof boots may not be ideal during this time. Shorter boots are a good pick to keep you comfortable and shielded.

If there's anything you need when riding during summer, it's something to make you feel less heat. You may want to try out some tips that would help to keep you cool during the summer weather. 

Tips to Remain Cool During the Summer Weather

  • Always try to stay hydrated. Hot and dry weather can always keep you feeling dehydrated. You may also want to help refill your body's 'water tank' that offloads regularly through sweat. Staying hydrated will help you cope during the hot weather and help you stay more healthy.
  • Try to avoid the intake of alcohol before rides. This is not only an unsafe practice that can keep you less focused, but it can also make you feel less hydrated. Even if you only drink after the day's ride, you can experience hangovers which may affect you the next day. If you must drink, endeavor to do it in moderation so you can maintain being fully present or conscious while riding.
  • Endeavor to pick the right gears for your daily cycling, as mentioned earlier. You need your body protected from the sun while you take advantage of enjoying fresh air during the ride.
  • Try to regulate your time riding when the sun feels less hot.  The hottest part of the day during summer is often between noon and 5 pm in the evenings. You may want to go on rides in the mornings when it is still very cold and in the evenings when the sun is down. Try to regulate the time for a cooler riding adventure.
  • Try taking a good rest after riding. If possible, take days off from riding, especially if you are doing it for fun. If you need to get to work, you may take the bus for a day or two. The hot weather may not always react well to your body.
There you have it - some tips to keep cool during the summer. If you seem to have any concerns about shopping for gears that are more suitable during this time, you can visit the Bikerlid website for top-quality motorcycle gear varieties. Shop from the comfort of your home and enjoy the pleasures of being fully ready got that pleasant yet unpleasant weather.

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