Motorcycle Road Trip Essentials

Before you embark on any motorcycle road trip, certain motorcycle road trip essentials are a must-have. When going on a road trip with your motorcycle, there are several things you already you will be taking. However, there are certain things that you wished you had a particular item. 

Whenever you are out on the open road, you need to be more self-reliant and be prepared for any outcome. To help you, we have made our research and come up with a comprehensive road trip essentials de motorbike. This is a list you will be happy to always have with you whenever you are on a road trip with your motorbike. 

Top Essentials on a Motorcycle Road Trip

Power Banks 

This is an indispensable item to have while on your road trip. You wouldn’t want a situation where your phone battery is dead, and you can’t power it back up. While on a road trip, it is very dangerous to have a “dead” phone. There may be a security situation that will warrant you call for help. Therefore, having a power bank while going on your motorbike road trip is very important. 

An Extra Phone Battery 

Another important motorcycle road trip essential is a backup phone battery. If you can’t have a power bank, an extra phone battery can suffice. However, it all depends on the length of time you intend to spend on your trip. Never embark on any road trip without a backup for your phone battery. It can be your lifesaver in dire situations. 

Long Cable Lock For Your Helmet And Jacket

A long cable with a length of 24-36 inches with loops on each end comes in handy when you are on your motorbike road trip. It is a great way to lock up your jacket and helmet to your bike when you don’t want to carry it around with you. You can slide it through the sleeves of your jacket and the visor opening of your helmet. This way, you will secure it with a disc lock that doubles as extra bike security. 

Spare Key

This is one of the motorcycle road trip essentials that you hardly think of having on your trip. You will not know the importance of having a spare key until you lose your keys during the trip. There are a few good places to keep your spare key. You have it zip-tied inside a storage compartment, duct-tape it to the bottom of your passenger seat. 

An Extra Helmet

You may think it is not important to have an extra helmet with you while going on your motorbike trip. There is the possibility that you may run into a stranded individual along the road. Beanie helmets are always light and easy to carry around. 

Ziplock Freezer Bag

You may have a good water-resistant motorcycle gear while on your road trip. However, you could be caught off guard with some unexpected rainfall while on your road trip. There are certain items you cannot risk getting wet, like your cell phone and wallet. A Ziplock freezer bag is the perfect dry bag for all these small items you want to protect from showers. 

Microfiber Rag

This is an essential item you can’t afford to leave behind while embarking on your motorcycle road trip. There will be a time you go outside on a cold morning and find your seat, grips, and gauges wet with condensation. In such situations, you will be glad you have your microfiber rag. It also serves to clean surfaces, wipe off the hot water, or a rag when you are doing road maintenance. This is a must-have item for your motorbike road trip. 

Tool Kit

You never know when your bike might develop some fault and will need maintenance. Therefore, having your tool kit with you while going on a motorbike trip is essential. Always keep a small travel kit with you, and a multi-tool is always something you need to have around. You wouldn’t want to be stranded because you don’t have a tool kit to repair a fault on your motorbike. 

A Flashlight 

This is arguably the most overlooked but most essential tool to have while on your motorbike road trip. You can’t do anything if you are caught in the dark. It is also important for you not to rely on your cell phone light because it drains the battery faster. You can get a small but powerful LED light or a headlamp. Always keep it handy because when its need arise, you will be glad you have it. 

A GPS Unit

Having a map is good, but a GPS unit is great and a more convenient way of knowing where you are at every point in time. Meanwhile, if you have a cell mount on your motorbike, you use your cell phone and save yourself some money. However, it is great to have a motorcycle specific GPS unit. Most of these motorcycle GPS units come with big touchscreens that are designed to work with your motorcycle gloves. A Bluetooth helmet communicator will be a great asset because you can connect it to your navigation system to hear the directions. 

A Portable Air Compressor 

This is highly essential because you might never know when you will get a flat tire. You can re-inflate the tire with your portable air compressor. This tool can help you get to a garage, irrespective of where you punctured your tire. This comes in handy for adventure riders who deflate their tires while off-roading but would need to re-inflate for the road. 

Emergency Communicator

This is a must-have, especially when you are travelling all by yourself. Nobody prays to have an accident, but you need to be prepared whenever you are on a trip. If you crash on a lonely route or gets trapped under your motorbike, you can use this emergency communicator to reach out to your friends, family members, or rescue services. Although it is something, you don’t pray to need while on your motorbike trip, you must always have it on you while travelling on your bike. 


These motorcycle road trip essentials will be of great help to you if you always take them along for your motorbike trips. For your contributions, kindly use the comment section below. 

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