Why You Should Wear Motorcycle Gloves When Riding

We can all agree that wearing a motorcycle glove is cool. More like it increases your cool factor as a biker by a hundred percent. Who wouldn't love to step down from a bike clutching a helmet with fully gloved hands to bask in the full biker glory while the wind blows your hair against a backdrop of the sunset? Super cool, yes? It is okay to want to be cool, but how about we let you know that 'coolness' is just the icing on the cake of the many perks that come with wearing a motorcycle glove? 

Motorcycle gloves have many advantages, making them a necessity for every motorcycle rider. These advantages include safety, comfort, practicality, and aesthetics. For this article, we will look at these advantages and the type of gloves recommended for motorcycle riders.

What Are Motorcycle Gloves?

Motorcycle gloves are hand-worn accessories that are uniquely crafted to protect an individual's hands while riding a motorcycle. They reduce vibrations, give a firmer grip, and help with cuts and impact while riding or during an accident. Motorcycle gloves are made of different materials for different parts, including fabrics, leather, and rubber or metal for knuckle protection. 

There are several other kinds of gloves for various purposes, like leather, plumbing, mittens, fashion, electrically insulating, etc. Some riders make the mistake of using leather gloves, while others ask if you have to wear gloves while riding a motorcycle. Leather gloves offer minimal protection; yes, wearing motorcycle gloves while riding is absolutely necessary.

Why Are Motorcycle Gloves Important When Riding?

Riding a motorcycle could be fun. It could also be tasking, especially when riding for longer distances. While your whole body is rested on the motorcycle, your feet and hands are very active during riding. In fact, your hand does most of the work, so it is only reasonable that you protect them and give them as much comfort as they require at all seasons. Motorcycle gloves are intricately crafted with various parts made for a specific purpose to fulfill comfort and enhance safety. These parts include the fourchettes, the lining, the upper, the palm, the cuff, the closure, the armor, and the wrists. Below are what makes having motorcycle gloves necessary for riders;

Better Grip

Motorcycle gloves are often made from materials that offer a better grip to the rider. They reduce numbness and hand fatigue. We all know how annoying vibrations can be to a rider and how it is a major cause of fatigue; however, gloves like these Premium Biker Gloves are anti-vibration. They greatly reduce the effect of the vibrations from the handlebars. Furthermore, there are concerns about slipping off when a non-motorcycle glove is used in riding a motorcycle. Motorcycle gloves are, however, padded with materials that make them non-slip, so you do not have to worry about your arms slipping off the handlebars.

Protection From Road Debris

A challenge that is faced by most bikers is airborne debris that collides with their hands while riding. An object as tiny as a stone can be very dangerous when a biker is at full speed. Contact with such objects on the naked hand of a rider could painfully disorient them and lead to an accident. Motorcycle gloves forestall such eventualities and protect the rider from airborne objects.

Keep Your Arms Warm

Riding a motorcycle during the winter season without a glove is both a daunting task and a risky affair. You are most likely to experience severe numbness, which will, in turn, affect your grip on the handlebars. Not having complete control of your handlebar can lead to an accident. Motorcycle gloves, however, keep your hands warm while riding due to their heat retention properties. 

Prevent Injury

Nobody ever sets out on a journey planning to have an accident, but it is wise to prepare for such eventualities. In the case of a road mishap, helmets and elbow and knee-padded clothes help you to prevent life-threatening injuries. However, to protect the wrists and fingers against fractures, a motorcycle glove is a must for every rider. The gloves hold the wrists and fingers in place so that they are not damaged from the impact of falling off a motorcycle. They also prevent bruises and scrapes.

Knuckle Protection

Motorcycle riders are usually picky regarding gloves based on several factors. One factor determining the quality of motorcycle gloves is the material used for knuckle protection. A motorcycle glove like Madbike Motorcycle Glove gives the rider enhanced knuckle protection with its steel alloy nubs and PU leather. These nubs are made of high-quality steel alloy to protect your fingers and the most sensitive parts of your wrists.

Sweat Control

Due to the energy used when steering the bike and operating the controls, motorcycle riders are likely to have sweaty hands. Without a glove, the hands will likely slip off the handlebar, which can lead to an accident. Gloves help to absorb sweat from the rider's hands and improve the grip. Great motorcycle gloves also have breathable materials that allow air into the hands.

Aesthetics/Cool Factor

Come on… you thought we would skip this aspect? You know, a motorcycle glove can make anyone look cool. You get to look like a proper biker who knows what they are doing with a complete set of accessories, and you will receive great respect from fellow bikers because you deserve it.

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