Motorcycle Helmets and Music – What You Need to Know!

Some people find riding their motorcycle boring without anything to lift their mood. To this kind of people, listening to music is not a distraction, but a means to keep them focused. Whether you like it or not, the engine and exhaust will continue to make unpleasant noise until you get to your destination. So, why not replace the unwanted sound with your favorite artist's song?

Does that sound like something you would like to do? If yes, then you need a Motorcycle helmet that allows for music. A Bluetooth motorcycle helmet is the ideal solution to your social needs on the highway. The exciting part is that its functionality goes beyond using it to listen to music.

This blog aims to clear the controversies surrounding music on the road. Also, the article intends to answer people's question, "Can you listen to music on a motorcycle?" That is what you are about to discover. Sit back and learn something new.

Can you listen to music on a Motorcycle?

As a beginner, your relatives will tell you not to listen to music while riding. That is because they really care about your safety. They believe that it is dangerous combining both activities simultaneously. But is it really unsafe to play that song as you overtake vehicles on the road? The answer is No.

However, several things are associated with listening to music on a motorcycle. First and foremost, the volume should not be too high to prevent you from hearing potential hazards. Imagine a big vehicle honking from behind, but you could not hear because of the music concentration.

So, what are the music ethics when in motion? It's simple! You need to adhere to a few rules, which include:

  • Maintaining a moderate volume keeps you alert to what is happening around you.
  • Desisting from using earbuds that could prevent hearing external sounds, especially the noise-proof designs.
  • Having the ability to stop the music seamlessly when a situation calls for it. Emergencies do occur, which may require your full attention.

If you can abide by these rules, you are safety conscious. It is one of the ways to prevent accidents because you are aware of what's happening from left to right and front and back.

Can You Listen to Music with a Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet?

You have permission to play your favorite song on your bike. Music plays a significant role in mental health stability for some people. You can be a music fan if you want to lift your mood. Since you can listen to music on your motorcycle, the best way to do it is with a Bluetooth helmet.

More important is doing it safely so that it does not cause accidents. However, some laws in specific regions prohibit using headphones while riding because of the perceived danger that may arise. Undoubtedly, music while riding can make the journey memorable. 

So, suppose you want an enjoyable experience without going against the laws. In that case, a helmet communication system is an option for you. Most of these devices come with a microphone that enables receiving calls during your ride. You can listen to music and communicate with your family and friends without stopping your motorcycle.

It adds more value to your motorcycle helmet that functions as a head protector. 

How to listen to music in Motorcycle Helmet

Many options are available for listening to music on a motorcycle. They include regular earbuds, helmet speakers, and external speakers (Bluetooth).

Helmet Sound System: 

Involves mounting a device to your helmet for music and communication. It is relatively expensive, but you will derive maximum value from it. It is call-enabled with the aid of the microphone attached to it. It works perfectly fine and keeps the music to the rider only.

Using Regular Earbuds

This involves connecting your mobile earbuds to your ears while riding. It may not be the best option because it sometimes causes ear irritation. Using it under the helmet can make the rider feel uncomfortable because it presses the ear.

Speakers for Helmet 

Unlike the Bluetooth model, speakers come with visible wire. It works the same way, but the wiring can be a distraction and turn off. Additionally, it has no microphone, implying you cannot use it to communicate.

Motorcycle External Speakers

It is an accessory for some motorcycles but not for others. Fortunately, one can decide to install external speakers on their motorcycle. However, the downside is that it causes noise pollution and can discomfort other commuters in traffic.

Best Motorcycle music Headset

Technology advancement has helped make living life seamless. Many headsets are compatible with motorcycle helmets for non-riding activities like listening to music. You can select from the high-quality speakers thoroughly researched for you.

Lexin B4fm Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset

Not so familiar, but everything about it speaks quality. You can rest assured of an awesome riding experience from sound to connectivity to call. It can last up to 15 hours with a V5.0 Bluetooth that can cover as much as 2000 meters.

Cardo Packtalk Special Edition

Most motorcycle riders are familiar with this one-of-a-kind device. It has a mesh feature with outstanding speakers. Famous for its great digital sound processing, and it is IP67 rated. It has the answers to all your requirement for a Bluetooth headset.

Fodsports M1S Pro

If you need a headset with an impressive range, Fodsports has one of the best communication systems. It comes with Bluetooth V5.0 with high compatibility with most motorcycle helmets. Also, it supports group calls for many headsets simultaneously. It has noise control ability and maintains voice quality regardless of the speed.

Fotus T9S-V3

This headset offers adventurous rides with an efficient Bluetooth communication system for up to 120km speeds. Another selling point for this device is the battery life, which can last up to 20 hours. It comes with two microphones (hard mic & soft mic) and can answer phone calls seamlessly.


While music can help you lift your mood, it is essential that manage volume efficiently. It is not because of anything else but your safety. Riding on any terrain requires focus and attention. Loud music is an obstacle to being attentive and could damage the ear drum. So, always keep in mind to maintain a reasonable volume to avoid distraction and susceptibility to road hazards.

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