The Best California Motorcycle Adventure Rides

Are you looking for the best California motorcycle adventure rides? If your answer is yes, then this post is for you. In this post, you get to see the many beautiful landscapes that make for scenic views while on your ride. There are lots of wonderful and fantastic motorcycle routes across California. We have done some research to narrow down the options and present you with the best California motorcycle routes. 
This way, you can make the most of your ride and enjoy the summer with rides to remember. Feel the rush of the wind through your hair, and enjoy the beautiful time out on your bike. California is one of the most beautiful states in the United States and has many scenic routes for riders. 


List of Best California Motorcycle Adventure Rides 

This list follows no particular order, and they include the following:


Hollywood To The Rock Store

The Rock Store is arguably one of the best motorcycle rides in Southern California. It is one of the most common endpoints for a Southern California motorcycle adventure. You can decide to enter inside for a great meal or choose to hang outside to make new friends. Whichever your decision, the ride is always one to remember. 

You can start with a refreshing Hollywood hike or some celebrity spotting outside of L.A's known restaurants. Also, you can decide to link up with your crew at the Hollywood Walk of Fame. You can hop on the 101 and enjoy your motorcycle ride until you come out in the Mulholland Drive exit. Continuing through the Mulholland Highway is where the real fun begins. As you ride away from the busy freeway, there lies the local beach towns' calmer, rural view. You can complete this one-way route in an hour, so it's an easy afternoon gateway. This is certainly one of the best California motorcycle adventure rides in Southern California precisely. 

The Pacific Coast Highway (Highway 1)

For those of you in Southern California, this is arguably the best motorcycle ride in Southern California. The highway begins in Southern California at Interstate 5, south of San Juan Capistrano. It ends at U.S. 101 in Leggett in Mendocino County. This is the longest state route in California, and there are endless possibilities on this route. All thanks to its miles of pavement that stretches up and down the coastline. This motorcycle adventure ride in California is best done over several days. Alternatively, you can do it in small increments to enjoy the great scenic sights along the way. 

You can start from Dana Point to Long Beach or Malibu to Santa Barbara for a little taste of Highway 1. 

Redwood Highway

It is one of the best motorcycle rides in Northern California. Some people call it "Northern California's most scenic drive. If you are in Northern California, this is one of the best California motorcycle adventure rides you can go on. Between Leggett and Crescent City, you can pass through one big and continuous forest. However, the Redwood trees don't grow in such a manner; rather, they cluster in groves. 

You will always see some beautiful landscapes and animals between those groves. Sometimes you can spot an elk, hike through a canyon that is filled with ferns, or you can stop to enjoy the site of the famous Chandelier Tree. You can drive your bike through the trunk of the tree. You will undoubtedly enjoy this scenery. 

The dramatic scenery is always between Crescent City on the north and Leggett on the south. Some of the things you shouldn't miss while on this ride include the following:

      • Howland Hill Road
      • Prairie Creek Redwoods
      • The Humboldt Redwoods
      • Avenue of The Giants

San Francisco to Point Reyes

We can't be talking about the best California motorcycle adventure rides without mentioning a ride through the Golden Gate Bridge. Nothing compares to cruising across the Golden Gate Bridge during your motorcycle ride from San Francisco to Point Reyes. With a number of iconic landmarks and challenging roadways, you certainly love to ride through here. 

You can start your ride at the San Francisco Ferry building and ride through the Presidio to have an idyllic view of the city. On your way north, you cruise through the Golden Gate Bridge, passing through Marin and Sausalito. You then meet up with Highway 1, close to Muir Beach. Continue your ride until you reach Point Reyes, or you can change your plans and move further north to grab some oysters. 

Badwater Basin To Dante's View

You have not had a quality California motorcycle adventure ride if you haven't gone through the Death Valley National Park. If you plan to ride through the hottest place in the United States, you better plan well for it. The pictures and memories will certainly be worth it in the end. Death Valley is a remote destination, and it will be good for you to stay at the nearby Furnace Creek. You need the stopover before riding from Badwater Basin to Dante's View. 

Although this motorcycle adventure ride is noteworthy for many reasons, it is primarily known for providing riders with the opportunity to see Death Valley's lowest point. Sitting at 282 feet below sea level, Badwater Basin is the lowest elevation point in North America. Surprisingly, it is a fantastic sight that you will certainly love to see. 

Its ground is covered with a thick layer of salt, and it appears like a fresh snowfall. Once you are done admiring this beautiful landscape, hop back on your motorbike to enjoy the view from a new height. Unlike other amazing places we have on this list, the road from Badwater Basin to Dante's view is fairly straightforward. You can see across the basin, over the nearby mountains, while at Dante's View. If it's on a clear day, you can see all the way to Mount Whitney, California's highest peak.

Final Thought

While you enjoy your California motorcycle adventure rides, always remember to wear your helmet and other safety gear. No matter what, don't ever take your safety for granted. For light, strong, and comfortable helmets, check the Bikerlid helmet

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