Motorcycle License Guide – What you Need to Know!

Before you start thinking about cruising your bike on the road, there is something that should come first. When you decide to own a motorcycle, you should start planning how to get a motorcycle license. That gives you the permit to go anywhere on your two-wheel ride.

Maybe you are already considering using your vehicle driver's license to ride your bike. It doesn't work that way in all states. A motorcycle license isn't the same as its counterpart for vehicles. If that is the case, what do you need to process a license for your motorcycle? That is what you will be learning in this informative guide.

How to Get a Motorcycle License

The process begins with doing your due diligence and thorough research on your region's requirement for a motorcycle license. It can be tiring going on the internet to start reading for a test, but it is essential. After familiarizing yourself with the state laws backing getting a permit for your bike, necessary actions follow.

Your journey to freedom of riding a motorcycle starts with taking compulsory basic training (CBT). It sounds like a computer exam, but it isn't whatever might have crossed your mind. Proceeding to the next stage depends on your instructor's assessment of you. Another training will be scheduled if he feels you don't meet the criteria.

It does not take forever if you have substantial highway code knowledge. Being a good bicycle rider can also bring you closer to getting a motorcycle license. It is a knowledge test to determine your understanding of basic rules. However, not everyone requires a CBT, which depends on the following:

  • Passed the car driving test before 1st of February 2001 but have an intention to ride a moped up to 50cc
  • Have a moped license since the 1st of December 1990 but aiming to ride a motorcycle
  • Have a motorcycle license but need to change to another type.

If you don't fall into any of the listed categories, CBT is mandatory for you. It is essential to know that you need a provisional license before attempting CBT. You can apply for one from the Government's Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency.

What age can you get a motorcycle license in Australia and America

Every country has its requirement for a motorcycle license. Age is an indispensable factor, which speaks volumes about your qualification. 

In Australia, it is expected that applicants should be at least 16 years and 9 months old to stand a chance for a riding permit. However, that is not the only criteria. You need proof of identity, complete a pre-learner course, and scale through the knowledge test. If you checkmark all these requirements, you get the freedom to move around on your bike.

However, that is not the case in some Australian states. For example, 18 years is the minimum application age in Victoria. Accordingly, you must be a resident of Victoria without disqualification for a learner's permit. In Queensland, you need a provisional or an open car license for a minimum of one year. That is to show you that the age requirement differs from one state to another.

That further buttress why researching about your province is necessary.

On the other hand, you can get a motorcycle permit in the United States when you are 16 years. Some counties issue learners permit to young adults at least 14 years old. However, there must be an experienced rider supervising such individual riding activities. A motorcycle license in some states requires that the applicant is 18 years. 

States laws guiding motorcycle license in the US differs too. In addition, you don't get a license but an endorsement in certain counties. However, you need a valid driver's license to get it.

Do you Need a Motorcycle License to Drive a Scooter?

Your state of residence will determine if you need a motorcycle license to ride your scooter. Regulations in different contexts mandate getting permission before you can go anywhere with a moped. For example, a scooter with an engine of 150cc requires a compulsory motorcycle license regardless of your county.

That is not the case for a moped with an engine of 50cc because it is a lightweight two-wheel machine. Applying for a permit, in that case, may not be necessary. You need a learner permit or driver's license to drive your 50-cc engine moped in California

It is worth mentioning that a license is not compulsory in some states. The critical requirement in those counties is for a rider to have clocked 16 years.

Any motorcycle with an engine size above 50cc must get a motorcycle license. For instance, Vespas are types of scooters with engines of more than 50cc. The riders should prepare their minds for a motorcycle license in that care. 

Suppose you have a regular driver's license. In that case, you can ride your Vespas in states like North California, Virginia, New Mexico, Arkansas, South Dakota, Indiana, Massachusetts, and a few more.

Does it Take Long to Get a Motorcycle License?

Getting a license should not take longer than expected if you have experience with highway codes. Your age also matters when applying for permission to hop on your two-wheel anytime. People with a permit and substantial experience can pass the road test soon enough to get their motorcycle license.

However, if you are little or no experience, getting your motorcycle license might take longer. That is because your instructor will assess you thoroughly until he feels it is safe to get on the road with your precious ride. For individuals below 18 years, you need a learner's permit, which serves as a ticket to apply for a motorcycle license.

Your learner's permit must have been in use for some months before you can get a license for your bike. However, no matter how long it may take, you will eventually get the permission you need if you do everything right.


With the information, nothing stops you from getting your motorcycle license in a short time. Start with the necessary steps now and get the freedom to cruise your two-wheel machine on the highway. However, remember you need protective gear for safety reasons. Don't get carried away with the euphoria that you have the permit. Always abide by the highway rules whenever you are riding your motorcycle. Your safety comes first above other things when on the wheel.

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